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Neal Dunn: Second Amendment 'Under Attack' from Obama

Panama City, FL – 

Republican Candidate Neal Dunn for Florida Congressional District 2 today issued the following statement regarding President Barack Obama’s executive actions on the Second Amendment.

“President Obama’s unilateral, executive actions today show the disdain he has for the Second Amendment.  The rights of law-abiding gun owners have never been under greater attack than they are today from this administration.  Americans should be greatly alarmed by the President’s actions, which violate the constitutional principles of separation of powers, erode our constitutional freedoms and greatly demonstrate the need to have a constitutional conservative as our next President.

“The ‘Right to Bear Arms’ is one of the most fundamental and important rights in the Constitution and needs to be protected. As a supporter of the NRA and a veteran, I cherish this right and will fight each and every day to protect and uphold the Second Amendment.”

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