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Neal Dunn

A Washington, D.C. special interest group named Club for Growth is spending nearly a million dollars falsely attacking me and supporting my opponent, Mary Thomas.

This same group spent millions attacking Donald Trump.

Here is what Trump said about this group:

“I am not surprised the dishonest, irrelevant and totally failing Club for Growth has resorted to attacking the definitive front runner… [We] will continue to expose the two faced hypocrisy of the Club for Growth and the problems groups like this perpetuate within a broken Washington, D.C.”
- Donald Trump, CNN 9/22/2015

FEC records show this special interest group has invested more than $930,000 in helping her, including more than $850,000 in false and misleading attack ads against me. What is more amazing is this single DC special interest group is directly responsible for nearly 60% of all the money being spent to help Mary Thomas.*

I am proud of the fact that more than 93 percent of the money I have raised for my campaign has come from within Florida’s 2nd Congressional District, and I believe it is fair for voters to be concerned that more than 70 percent of the money helping the Mary Thomas Campaign has come from out of state, and 85 percent has come from outside our Congressional District*.

The Washington DC insiders are specialists at dirty tricks, and they are trying to pull one off here.  We cannot allow these special interest groups to steal this election from North Florida.

I have done my best to list all their false and misleading claims below so you can see the facts for yourself.  The truth means nothing to them, so be prepared for new false claims in the next few weeks. Thanks for taking the time to get the truth and allowing me to set the record straight.

*Source: public available data as of 8/11/2016,

I am not and have never been a professional lobbyist.

Neal Dunn

Just because people don’t like lobbyists, my opponent, along with Washington, D.C. special interests groups, are trying to make you believe that I was a professional lobbyist.  I served our country in the U.S. Army for more than 11.5 years and our community as a physician and business leader for the last 25 years.  I have never made a living as a lobbyist.  But political insiders know how to twist things into what they want you to believe. The truth is, as a physician, I spent time serving on the board of my professional association, the Florida Medical Association.  This is no different than a contractor being a member of their association, or a realtor a member of theirs.  Because I was occasionally asked to testify before the Florida Legislature on important health care issues on behalf of my patients and profession, I was required to file the same paperwork that professional lobbyists file, even though I was never a professional lobbyist.

I NEVER criticized our police officers
after the Dallas shooting.

In fact, I was actually criticizing our President and other politicians who are fanning the flames of violence against our police officers.  My full quote from the Tallahassee Democrat on July 11, 2016, reads:

“There have been incidents where police used more force than is necessary, but I do believe that culture is moving towards improving that with cameras and what-nots,” said Dunn. “Where I see us losing ground is our political leaders undermining the police at every level and it shows in the crime rates and statistics in the major cities.”

Of course my opponent's attack ad against me only quotes:

“Police used more force than is necessary,” and claims I “criticized our police officers after the Dallas shooting.”

That is clearly not what I was saying, or the point I was making.

I am a lifelong CONSERVATIVE Republican.

Neal Dunn

I am a lifelong conservative Republican who over the last 20 years contributed to and campaigned for more than a hundred Republican candidates at the federal, state and local level, as well as being a regular contributor to the Republican Party.

Now, my opponent, along with Washington, D.C. special interests groups are trying to single out a contribution made to Charlie Crist in an effort to paint me as less than a true Republican, but they fail to tell you that the contribution was made to him when he was still a popular Republican Governor, (remember Chain-Gang Charlie?) not after he left our party.  In fact, the same month I made my donation to his campaign, so did Steve Southerland and Donald Trump. Charlie Crist won his election for Governor with the support from conservative Republicans across the state.

Unfortunately, he turned out to be something entirely different than what Republicans thought, and like many of the Republicans who supported him, I was sorely disappointed when he abandoned his conservative views.  It’s one thing to have voted for or contributed to Charlie Crist when he was a Republican, but it’s entirely different to have worked in his administration even after he left the Republican Party and push his climate change agenda through legal actions to block businesses from growing.

Florida Politics: Mary Thomas leans hard on “conservative” label while omitting ties to Charlie Crist

I oppose Obamacare and ALWAYS have.


I support the full and immediate repeal of Obamacare and always have!   The Florida Medical Association (FMA), including myself as a board member, came out in strong opposition to Obamacare before it was ever passed in 2010. I led the charge for the FMA to sign onto a letter joining other medical associations from around the nation to highlight physician opposition to the President’s plan.

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