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Veteran, Surgeon, Conservative

Dr. Neal Dunn is the conservative leader we need to continue fighting for us in Washington. He’s a Veteran, a skilled surgeon and a devoted family man. Since his election into Congress, he has kept the values and interests of his constituents at the forefront of his actions. He is honored to be your Congressman and will continue to fight for you.

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Neal Dunn Responds to Opponents Lies

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Sheriffs in Florida's Second Congressional District Endorse Dr. Neal Dunn


February 26, 2024

Panama City, FL – 

Fourteen sheriffs from throughout Florida’s Second Congressional District endorse Dr. Neal Dunn for U.S. Congress.

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Congressman Neal Dunn Endorses Donald Trump For President


January 18, 2024

Panama City, FL – 

The American people want Donald Trump to be our next President, and we must unite as a party and support him.

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