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Former U.S. Congressman Steve Southerland Endorses Neal Dunn for Florida Congressional District 2

Tallahassee, FL – 

Former United States Congressman Steve Southerland (R-FL-2) today announced he has endorsed Panama City Surgeon, U.S. Army Veteran and Republican Candidate Neal Dunn for Florida Congressional District 2.

“This is not just another former congressman endorsing a candidate,” said former Congressman Southerland.  “I have examined the field thoroughly and feel strongly that Neal Dunn is the best conservative Republican candidate and is the only candidate I have endorsed for this race.  He and his wife, Leah, are conservative Christians with a long family history of military service and sacrifice. He also has a distinguished career as a surgeon treating many thousands of North Florida families.  He knows firsthand the failures of Obamacare and is the candidate most capable of repealing and replacing that broken system with one that is patient centered and market based.”

“Neal and Leah are business owners who know how hard it is to start and run a successful business, meeting payroll, growing jobs and working through the maze of government regulations,” continued former Congressman Southerland.  “Neal's background in the military, medicine and business is crucial to these times.  His life perfectly qualifies him to speak for and fight for North and Northwest Florida families.  Neal is a conservative with solutions that work, and because of our shared belief in hard work and honest dealings, I stand behind Neal Dunn 100 percent.”

“I thank my dear friend, Steve Southerland, for his support of my campaign,” said Dr. Dunn.  “I share former Congressman Southerland’s sentiments about North and Northwest Florida and just how important it is for our district to be well represented in Washington by strong conservative leadership.  I know what it takes to make our community healthier and our economy stronger, and the need to repeal and replace Obamacare and for businesses to thrive and grow.  I pledge, if elected, to help restore America's faith in Congress, by giving them a reason to respect Congress and their national government again.  We must get government out of the business of health care and stop putting mandates on our business community that hamper job growth and economic prosperity. I am also concerned about the growing threat posed to our families by the dark shadow of terrorism. My lifetime of experience has prepared me to address this.”  

Since announcing his candidacy for Florida Congressional District 2, Dr. Dunn has been endorsed by former Speaker Allan Bense, former Senate President Don Gaetz, former Speaker Will Weatherford, and Representatives Dennis Baxley, Jay Trumbull and Elizabeth Porter.

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